A Bibliophile Loved His Books So Much…He Built A Wall Out Of Them!

Even if you don’t count yourself as a bookworm, you can — and will — appreciate this guy’s epic DIY project. When Redditor Deecerp27 got a new art studio, he had a room that he wasn’t using for projects. Wanting to find a creative way to decorate the space, he turned to Books By The Foot for help. Taking more than 4,000 books, the crafter turned a boring space into something to behold… This was the bare wall he was working with. Reddit / Deecerp27 To make his vision a…

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His Wife Finally Gave In And Let Him Build This. The Basement Will Never Be The Same Again.

“My wife won’t let me do it” is a notorious line, sometimes based on truth, other times just an excuse. In the case of user skerley1979, it was unfortunately true. Then, finally, his wife gave in and turned him loose in the basement to build exactly what he wanted. The result? Pretty epic. Check this out, in his words from imgur: Day 1 of framing complete. I was trying to wrap this up as quickly as possible because my wife did not enjoy me having the basement tore up as…

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