My 7 Tips to Lose Weight – Losing Weight Is More Than Just Diet and Exercise!

I have got over 15 years of expertise in fitness and have kept a detailed log of my tips to lose weight.

Being one of those people who always acquired books on how to lose pounds and sought after any product or pill that would help my weight loss goals, I have a ton of experience regarding what works and what doesn’t.

As you can tell, I became obsessive about absorbing and testing everything possible. I was lazy and wanted the quick solution to my belly fat problem! Sadly, there are millions of folk out there who are like how I was and that is the reason why so many of these corporations that produce these books, products and supplements are earning hand over fist.

We all need the quick fix but lets begin with my seven Weight Loss Tips that worked for me…

Tips to lose the pounds What Worked for Me!

Exercise Tips to Lose Weight

Set a pragmatic and keen goal There are so many individuals that will say I need help shedding pounds but will not have anything behind that. You’ve got to be wholehearted in your attempts and have to not give up! How much weight are you planning to lose? Will you be well placed to remain devoted to this weight reducing routine? How would you like to look when this is all done? If you reply yes to all these questions, you are on the right track. Do you have the drive? You have to be ready to wake up in the morning, roll out of bed and start your exercise plan instead of rolling back over for another hour of sleep. When you return home from work, you have to have the drive to go to the gymnasium irrespective of how stressed or knackered you are. Fact is, you can feel far better and there is no better natural stress reliever than a good workout to release the serotonin into the brain. Get a workout buddy! I recommend finding an exercise session body whose body type is close to yours. I tell this because from my experiences, those whose workout buddy is of a very different body type ( chunky versus fat ) have a tendency to not get the results that they desire. Say for instance, you are corpulent but your friend is obese. For you, a mile jog would possibly not be a challenge but to your mate, it is a gauntlet. Therefore while your friend is being heavily challenged, your missing out on the exercises that challenge you. Diet Tips to get rid of the weight Keep your belly full of sensible food! It may sound simple, but my experience has been that eating 5 meals each day of healthy food isn’t easy but a very effective tip to lose some pounds. I once lived on chicken and beans. My meal before my workout would be rice and beans with chicken and a salad on the side. After my workout, I’d cut out the rice and just have chicken, beans and salad. This eliminated the evil carbohydrates that get laid down as fat when not used. Drink masses of Water! It will require a little getting used to, but make it a custom to make water your beverage of choice any time you get thirsty. If you’re a soda person, you will be shocked at how much weight you lose just by removing soda from your diet. In addition, water will help flush out your system of damaging toxins in your body and can add a glow to your complexion. Get a Jump Rope Workout Going! This is my all time favorite workout tool! The jump rope can truly get you cut up and have ripped abs by varying the speeds of the rope. Changing speeds truly challenges the body and shocks it into having to resort to the stored blubber for energy. Utilize full body exercises! Full body exercises truly help burn belly fat. That’s because they require more energy to perform. So exercises such as squats, snatches, and pull-ups need multiple groups of muscles to perform these exercises and allows the body to call on fat reserves for energy.

So there you are, my top seven tips to lose weight. As discussed earlier, these are what truly worked for me and each person is unique so I suggest keeping a log!

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