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I am so glad I found Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Amped. I’m a rather good sized guy. I had worked out for years but never used a program; I just did what I felt like doing. I knew most of my strength was in my legs but I started to put on a few pounds. Tae Bo Amped was just the perfect program for me.
I did my home work before I picked a program. I wanted to find the right exercise for me and tried to get into a consistent program. I wanted to get back to the body I had when I was younger. I had seen kick boxing before and heard of Tae Bo, but I wanted to make sure it would be the one that I wanted.
I knew about its history. I read how Billy Blanks developed it after studying Taekwondo in Korea where it is the national martial art with a history so far back it’s hard to say how old it was. It was an art based passive movement with a lot of work with the legs and balance. That sounded good to me because my legs were so strong.
I learned how he geared it up to be a tough cardio-vascular work out which sounded great to me too. I really want to loose some pounds. I found out what intense it really is. It was hard but with the cheers of Billy Blanks I made it through it. It was tiring but at the end I felt very energized and wanting more. I knew I would be able to keep this routine.
I was surprised about my legs. As strong as they are I still got that nice burning feeling that lets you know you are building muscle. And the kicks where fun, helping with my flexibility and balance.
I was surprised about my abs. All that movement really worked them hard. It really had to because you need those muscles and that strength to help control your legs. And when some extra pounds melted away I was pleasantly surprised. I was not really hoping to have a well toned belly but was really surprised with how it looked. I’ll remember that, thank you very much!
The staff was another pleasant surprise. I thought it might be a bit dorky but Billy Blanks came through again. Your upper body work out comes from keeping your balance. That was another big part that was taken from Taekwondo. With all that force that goes out in the kick your body has to be able to react just as fast with the upper body to keep balanced. Meanwhile, the staff forces you to keep in good form all through out. By repeating a motion over and over again the exact same way you build definition that will show through with the newly lost weight.
In the end, I could not be happier with Tae Bo Amped. It was perfect for me. In fact, as well balanced of a work out that it is, it is perfect for anybody looking for a balanced approach to fitness. Billy Blanks did a great job with this program.

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