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Heh: A ‘Wheel of Fortune’ question for the ‘amazing’ puzzle-solver [pic]!/Majordad97/status/446651970720264192

As Twitchy reported, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak teased the show via his Twitter feed. And what a show it was! Check out the video of the “most amazing solve” in more than thirty years.

Viewers still can’t get enough of it.!/gallaj0/status/446665794718826497

Get off our lawn!

And blogger Caleb Howe has a “serious question” for the puzzle-solving “witch,” in Photoshop form:!/CalebHowe/status/446655274980343808

For reals.

This Twitter user boasts about his own witch-y (or warlock-y) puzzle-solving abilities:

What dark magic is that?

What was the real win, however?!/JGate/status/446687684686139392



Unreal: Pat Sajak gets frisky after ‘most amazing solve’ in 30+ years on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ 

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